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Looking for a specific palette

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I would like to get my hands on the very exact palette that this Plasma Zombie's sprites were originally made in, particularly his cyan clothes. If anyone recognizes the palette, please link it.

Maybe the palette doesn't exist and the sprites were originally made in truecolor. On the other hand, the sprites inside the wad are in paletted PNG format. Which is, however, a standard guideline for all Realm667 monster submissions.

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I think it's truecolor because if you look at the PNG's palette you'll see it's definitely not a half-way usable Doom palette, even if the colors were reorganized in ramps. Also, not all the sprites have the same palette -- there's a lot more reds in the death and xdeath sprites, for example.

(A quick way of checking out the palette is to look at the sprites in SLADE and use the "color remap" feature.)

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OK, thanks. All I want is to recolor the cyan to another color range in my own custom palette. I guess I will have to recreate a cyan palette close to the Plasma Zombie's colors, then convert the sprites to this palette, then import them into my wad and remap them into my palette.

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