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building custom weapons and monsters

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how do you create new weapons and monsters? is there a tutorial for this? I f you are wondering, yes, I am a beginner at modding for doom 3. any help would be appreciated.

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So...Doom 3 modding help?
Depends on what kind though, like mapping, weapons, monsters/NPCs, gameplay, etc.
How about some information on exactly what you wish to create?

Basic info: 3D models in format MD5, for the in game models. You're gonna need a 3D modeller that can make MD5 models or export a different modeltype to MD5. Depends on your choice.

Next, check out Youtube videos on tutorials for the model making and scripting.
You could also look for documentation for an elaborate description.

Not a Doom 3 modder, me that is, but you must be talented for taking Doom 3.

Sorry for this bump.

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Voros said:

whoa, its so...empty.
is this site new?

Not really, the site is the successor of doom3world.org. Doom3world was the biggest Doom 3 modding community before some bastards hacked the site.

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