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Hard, long maps with a focus on incidental combat.

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What the title says. I'm looking for hard, long maps that aren't really setpiece- or trap-oriented -- most of the monsters are placed directly -- where the difficulty comes from combat, not from puzzles or obscure progression. Giant single-arena slaughtermaps don't count.

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I feel like you're asking for resource restricting maps as it's pretty difficult to make "hard" maps if you can always flee from battle or hide behind a corner. I'm still interested in seeing what people come up with... my only suggestion is Ol' No Name as that made me sweat plenty, but it is very trap heavy.

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Unholy Realms 18, 19, 27, and 30.

Scythe 29.

Possibly counts as "one big slaughter arena", but Deus Vult map02.

Alien Vendetta 26 and 32 (hopefully these don't count as "one big slaughter arena").

Questionable as to whether they qualify as "difficult" these days, but "City in the Clouds", "The Black Towers" "The Path", and "Postmortem" from Hell Revealed. Well, "Postmortem" definitely qualifies as difficult, at least.

"Execution", "The Train is Approaching", "Cow Face", and "Kill Bill" from Kama Sutra. Really, Ksutra in general probably is the best place that isn't Resurgence's later maps to look for what you want.

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