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Question for mods re: Doom 4 related forum traffic

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Has there been an increase in traffic/registrations from search referrals for Doom 4?

Are you prepared for a new influx of users who are ready to talk Doom 4? Or, should we even expect that? Does it seems like there's enough interest in Doom 4 in general?

Just curious, expecting a new generation of Doomers with this release who have no idea about the gems of classic Doom.

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Let's see the biggest user traffic spikes in 2015 to date:

5) A random reddit post links the Doom comic: 2x traffic spike (sigh)
4) Carmack retweets link to Ty-memorial post: 2x traffic spike
3) Doom 4 E3 reveal: 2x traffic spike
2) Old Doom 4 video footage discovered: 6x traffic spike
1) InstaDoom: 20x traffic spike (lol)

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Linguica said:

1) InstaDoom: 20x traffic spike (lol)

...at first I thought that was a joke. until remembering every major gaming news site having a week long hard-on over InstaDoom.

Well played, sir. Well played.

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Captain Toenail said:

Are selfie sticks still a thing? I haven't seen any tourists in town with them recently.

I still see them around a lot.
Funnily enough, I didn't know what one was until I after I saw the mod, and then I started seeing them everywhere

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