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Get Your New Wad Featured On Doom Wad Station

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This thread is for mappers to submit their maps to appear on Doom Wad Station

Greetings all! I have taken up the mantle writing the "This Week in Doom" articles as well as a few reviews over at Doom Wad Station. Now that I'm a few weeks into it, I'm starting to get it to a routine and it looks like I'm here to stay.

I would like to put this thread out for people to post links to their dev threads/whatever to make it easier for me to find as I write. Of course this is something that I can and already do, but I cannot always keep current on every forum as to what's new and what really sweet thing just got updated. I am sure that I inadvertently miss a few good ones, which is unfortunate.

Of course it is not mandatory to post here to see your wad up on DWS, but it will give it a much better shot (due to my errors) and would make my life easier. Regardless of the future of this thread I will continue to scan each of the forums each week.

Looking forward to writing about your new wads!


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Ok, here ya go

Also, may I suggest, if possible, to not just discuss wads/releases? It'd be cool if you talked about speedrunning as well, since it's (at least in my opinion) another huge aspect of doom's community.

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SuperCupcakeTactics said:

Man, I need to write another review soon.

Yeah you and me both >.< I have a review sitting on my computer half-way done because I just haven't had time to finish it. But as I get this new job down more and more I am slowly getting more free time back, so I hope to be able to expand the "reviews" section of DWS more and more as time goes on. The reviews were one of the major things about the site that attracted me to it in the first place, so I think that's what others will want to see more of as well.

Of course the TWID articles will only feature new/recently updated stuff, but reviews can come from anywhere.

I hear more and more people wanting a place to go for a cross-platform multiplayer outlet. I'll talk to Brad about that; he does have forums over at his site, but DoomWorld has tried it in the past and it was a ghost town. Still, there's also to consider the recent pushes for cross-platform multiplayer over here, so if DoomWorld brings it back it would be redundant over there. I'll try and get in touch with Ling here shortly and see his thoughts before pushing for it strongly on DWS.

As for the wads submitted thus far, thank you all; I'll look at these over the next few days as I write the article for next week. Reviews are a bit behind, but will catch up soon.

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Taking a look at this thread for next week. I want to say, this bread is just as much for the "This Week in Doom" article as it is for reviews. Like I said, I'm a bit behind in my reviews, so it's gonna be a bit before I can make a real review these maps, but the TWID article is every week, so I'd really like to see brand new maps posted here as well. Like I said, I scan through the forums each week anyway, but a quick post here will guarantee that I see it before I write the weekly article.

Oh, I somehow missed half of what Cyberdemon531 said. I wouldn't mind doing a section of the article each week on speedruns, though I must admit that is not something I ever really got into, so it's gonna take me some time to farmiliarize myself with that. Noting is instantaneous, but my goal is to start including sections for multiplayer and speedruns in the TWID article by the end of the month.

Thanks again for members participation over here!

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