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Hell Ascending Add-On for Complex

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I've compiled a collection of hell-themed monsters with a few guns and pickups into an add-on for anything Complex. This wad introduces monsters I've collected from Realm667 and various different wads into the spawner for Complex doom and/or LCA. This wad is currently being hosted on TSPG-Painkiller with three different wads for testing/feedback.

Current servers are Complex Alien Vendetta, Complex Sunlust, and Complex Resurgence, all with LCA and "A glimpse of Hell," the latter being what I call the wads released prior to the full Hell Ascending wad. I need feedback and comments regarding gameplay in order to make this wad be something worthwhile. Its hosted at http://painkiller.allfearthesentinel.net/wads/agoh-v3.pk3 so please give it a go and let me know what you think.

I'm welcoming all comments and suggestions to sharpen this up and make my first viable contribution to the Doom community.

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