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Having problems with GL ports....

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For some reason, all the GL ports on my computer have ceased to function.
The odd thing is that while Quake and Quake2 will run perfectly well in 3dfx Opengl, Legacy, ZDoomgl, EDGE, and GLHeXen will not.

So, could someone explain to me what the problem is?

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DooMBoy said:

Dammit, will someone respond to this?!

When people don't answer it's usually because they don't have a solution for the problem.

Anyways, doesn't Q2 come with it's own GL drivers for 3dfx cards (opengl32.dll or so). You might want to try to copy this .dll into your <insertfavouritedoomopenglporthere> directory.

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I had some problems with open-gl on a few doom ports.
If you can, switch to d3d - usually does the job. Then again, what the fuck do i know? :)

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