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Fortress of Dis and Gate of Babel

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Fortress of Dis:

This is a mixture of Fortress of Mystery and Dis. Both of these underwhelming levels become a whole lot more fun when stitched together like this. Play this on E3M8 in Ultimate Doom. I got rid of the stupid key busywork, and it's really fun to get the E2M9 monsters infighting with the spider.

As an aside, the Jaguar version of E2M9 was called "Dis" and was the last level.

Gate of Babel:

I merged Kaiser's Console Doom version of Hell Gate with Tower of Babel. You play the Hell Gate section first, the enemies have been toned down to get through this part quickly.

The stairs in the tower have already been raised. There is an extra teleport on the south side that enables you to return to the Hell Gate section, either to take care of unfinished business, for deathmatch, as a safe spot to catch your breath, or to grab supplies.

Download it here. Play it on MAP32 in Doom 2. Load Doom.wad as a PWAD if the lack of some textures bothers you.

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nice maps, i was thinking to some other kind of mash-ups (you know, something like in the spirit of Switcheroom), but it's ok using the iwad maps too, i think.


I can't find a way to lower down the exit room in the Hell Gate / Tower of Babel map... i don't find any special switch or anything like that... maybe i'm making something wrong, but after killing all the monsters and roaming around the level there wasn't any way to get there expect with cheating...

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