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  • Fanatic recived the audio proof for his "Fragging Fanatical" today and is having some thoughts about the artowrk which will grace the cover of the QDOOM music CD. He also talks a little bit about QDOOM E2M2, which is apparently looking quite nice (I want to see someone say that their level is looking quite ugly).

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Guest Anonymous User

Many of my DM levels in the Godless series have been ugly. Hell, my best looking level has what most people would consider a totally inappropriate and ugly use of one of DOOM's flesh textures. And my current work in progress for Slaughter DM is not much better looking. I've always considered looks as being totally unimportant when compared to fun. I think the Dweller's DM levels are pretty unpleasant to look at. But they play so well that I've never cared.

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