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  • The Tool-Assisted Demos homepage has a big update, containing 13 awesome new demos from several categories: pacifist, Nightmare speed, Nightmare with 100% secrets and Tyson.
  • The Parallel Team has an update saying that until next April, PennyWise will most likely be busy with studying and exams, and so Parallel Dimension II will be "on hold" until then.
  • I got sent the following email from the guy in charge of The DOOMed Millennium:

    The DOOMed Millennium is now officially the Doom community's 1st Top 100wads site (I think :P). The list is being constructed now and will beready sometime after the new year. I have a lot of great wads on file,but I'm asking anyone who has or knows of a great wad or wads(tc/mega/pc/etc.) that they think should be on the list to e-mail mewith the name and a link so that I can check it out. Once the list isconstructed, sometime down the road and with the help of anyone withcgi experience, I'll possibly add a user vote thingie, a wad of themonth and whatever else I may come up with. That's it for now.

    Got a WAD you particularly like? Go vote for it!

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