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  • Skulltag has a lengthy update by Carnevil wondering what is going to happen to Doom now that the Quake source code has been released. He's also begun work on trying to implement Quake's TCP/IP networking model into the Doom engine.
  • Kokak has released a new version (ZDoomGL V1.22 gl 0.3) of ZDoomGL, bringing the OpenGL ZDoom port up to speed with the latest release of ZDoom and adding the following features:

    - Floor mirrors support. Mirrors definition are in the levels.ini file (you can use the -lvlspec switch to use another file). This new code is quite experimental. Only one mirror at a time can be rendered. Read levels.txt to know how it works.- A large texture (>256) bug fixed.
    - MD2 HUD weapon & external camera mode bug fixed.
    - Increasing / Decreasing light in pause mode bug fixed.
    - Lightmap 2 with anti polygon crack display problems almost fixed.
    - Lightmap 2 code optimised (especially when there is no dynamic lighting).
    -nomd2 switch added: remove MD2 support (save more than 30 Mb of memory with the last md2.ini).

  • Fanatic has sent out the first batch of five CDs, so those five lucky people should be receiving theirs sometime soon. He also complains about another ear infection of his, and talks about some reactions he's gotten to his CD.

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