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There's a new version of the ZDoom/ZDoomGL launcher BloodSplash available, with the following new features:

  • Made some headings white
  • Loops in selection boxes
  • WADs are now loaded in the order you selected them
  • Found a bug in bot menu in >= 16bpp desktop depth
  • 256 color DirectX mode (gmode 1) does not work correct (weird colors)
  • Translucency stuff is back
  • In the DooM2-available-WADs-list are now only WADs from d2waddir and not from d1waddit, too.
  • BS sorts all WADs by type. There are three different type, namely DooM1 WADs, DooM2 WADs, and 'special' WADs. All WADs which do not have any level entry (MAPx or ExMy) are treaten as 'special' WADs (e.g. sound WADs). These WADs will appear on both DooM1 and DooM2 WAD list, but they've got a golden color. (wow, I've written WAD not 9 times :)
  • Added BSDL files for SlaughterDM, Gothic99 and DooM2000 hub1

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Guest Anonymous User

Actually, you wrote WAD 13 times.

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