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Splash That Blood

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There's yet another new version of the ZDoom/ZDoomGL launcher Bloodsplash, bringing it up to v2.1 beta 3. Here's the new stuff:

  • Underscores('_') in paths are now interpreted as underscores. In older version it was used to indicate spaces.
  • Removed -nomd2 switch, which was always there when you started a game (in ZDooMGL there were no models because of this switch)
  • The WAD autodetection now does not read IWADs (so there is a little speed improvement)
  • Added a 'optimize ZDooMGL for AGP, Voodoo1, Voodoo2&3' option. Now all 3dfx users can use BS to have a smooth ZDooMGL game.

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Guest Fanatic

It's good that BS got posted on Blue's/PlanetQuake/ShugaShack, but why won't they post news about QDOOM or Fragging Fanatical, but do post about an engine front end program?

I'm a whiner at a loss of understanding this... What does one have to do to get news posted on those sites?

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Well, I don't know. I didn't even knew that something were posted about BS there until someone on #doomroom told me...

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