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  • Fanatic has a question regarding Y-axis alignment using WADAuthor, and also one regarding some weirdness with WinTex and new sprite entries.
  • Captain Mellow's Bots Page has been updated saying that Carnevil of Skulltag is busy hacking away on the ZCajun bots and hopes to have Skulltag bots in the final release.

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WADAuthor?? I had always wondered what level editor he used. Say, how do you get a level editor like that compatible with the type of game you're making? Is there a lot of re-programming involved in the level editor or something? Wow, what an incredible project. You know, I have a lot of respect and admiration for someone who has the patience and the perserverance to get up and go and get something done! Keep up the great work, Marc! I'll be sure to download it when it's done! :-b

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Guest Fanatic

Settle down. :) I only use WAD Author for a limited number of things. My main editor is DOOMCad 5.1. I use several editors for different things. <blockquote> -DOOMCad: main editor
-WAD Author: rotating lots of sectors, cleanup (deleting, merging, etc.), error checking
-WAD Studio: deletes unused linedefs and sectors from the WADs data tables (DOOMCad is a dirty program with deleting) </blockquote> Most of the special events are controlled by radius trigger scripting, like on screen messages, spawning monsters on top of 3D floors, exploding stuff, etc.

Thanks for the comments, I'm sure everyone that snags QDOOM will be pleased. :)

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