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Doom Squared Part 9

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Doom Squared Part Nine


...Alex turned around to fire a few more blasts at the last remaining imps that were following us over the bridge. His single barrel took out one of the three, and my double took out the last ones. we flashed the keycard at the last door in the hexagonal room we arrived in. The door slid open slowly, and we were met with an eye-stinging odor. I instantly identified it as starship fuel; we were probably in the very heart of the starport now. In front of us was a room that bent 90 degrees. There was no floor, only some pillars that looked like they were set up as another trap.

Alex went first, and I quickly followed. The pillars were sinking rapidly into the acidic fuel upon every step he took. I scrambled to keep up, until he reached the ledge. I jumped from the last pillar and grabbed the ledge. "Alex, help me goddamnit!" I remember yelling. He let down the stock of his shotgun and I grabbed hold. I scrambled up and punched the exit button.

A demon was waiting. His reflexes not dulled from pulling me up, Alex shoved the shotgun deep into it's mouth. It gagged and bit down on the barrel at the same time he fired. The demon dropped dead, and Alex pulled out the warped shotgun and handed it to me. "No good any more" I said, taking out the used shell and throwing the gun into the fuel mixture. "You'll need more than that pistol to get through this, so here" I said, handing him my chaingun. I could see the glow of awe in his eyes. "But sir, don't I have to be a Commander before I can use this?" he asked. "These are uncertin times, private, but you saved my life, so I think you deserve it."

We hit the exit button, now covered in bits of demon spine. The wall opened, like so many before it. There was a very dark, long hallway, and in the distance we could see what looked like a cross on the floor. We walked over to it and took a closer inspection. The cross was about 3 inches off the ground, made of solid steel, and had blue fiberglass "mega-armour" in the center. We both got onto the cross to take the armour, when it suddenly started rising into the cross shaped shaft in the ceiling...

[edit]just fixied some errors like "hix" and "befor". this damn iMac keyboard sucks [/edit]

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