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The Torture web site has been revised to make it compatible with Netscape. Here you can find info, screenshots and even two demos of this Doom2 project.

While not really Doom-related, fellow Telenation site Some Old Games has redesigned and asked for a small plug. SOG is a successor to the 'Generations' Quake2 mod that got cancelled a while back because of copyright infringements. SOG therefore seems to take a different approach judging from the available screenshots of models and levels, and has in fact grown into a mod in its own right. And yes, they are taking new members. A public demo should become available this month.

When you think you have seen it all, Team Unleashed sends word of their Anti-Microsoft Doom project. It's meant to be a deathmatch project and they're looking for more people to join up.

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Guest Anonymous User

Doesn't say anywhere on the page it's a dm project. First sprite I'm seeing sucks already. :) Does that background and text color combination hurt everyone's eyes or is it just me? ....

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