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New wHeretic

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The wHeretic homepage has announced the release of version 0.5a Build 7 of the Win32 Heretic source port. New in this release:

  • screen border and status bar drawing is fixed (I missed a few things when I optimised the code).
  • true looping sounds implemented. This greatly reduces the load on the system for lifts, doors, waterfalls, wind, etc.
  • option to disable autoaim (this has obvious repercussions on demo recording/playback). This also required a reorganisation of the menu items and such.
  • vissprite limit removed.
  • visplane limit removed (this could stand to be optimised a little more to bring the memory usage in line with the resolution in use. visplane->top and visplane->bottom array widths are currently hardcoded to 1600 which means 64 planes take up ~400K of memory. This should be made a little more dynamic but at least this is a step in the right direction).

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