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Peter Heinemann

Duke Talk in Doom

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I do not know where the message (a "Liam the bart poll") I was going to reply to went to.
I got an error message and then the message was gone.

However, it was about what the Doom Guy would say if he would talk like Duke Nukem. Here are my ideas:

Nobody eats my left arm - and lives!

Hey, I am looking good!

I need new underwear!

I need a powerbar!

Haha, looks like a juicy tomato - oops, it is juicy!

Let´s turn inside out!

Die, dirty caco scum, Die!

Life could be so enjoyable without those bastards!

My user is a Freeloader but what I need is a Speedloader!

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Let's see...Doom marine sayings..

"You want one barrel, or two?"
"I am not swimming through that green shit!"
to Baron: "Would you like a breathmint?"

that's all I can think of for now.

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That must have been one of my many polls that got sent to the bad place...

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in the doom 3 forum somebody presented a question about the marine talking go check it out but anyway i posted this as something he would say as in reference to duke:

Damn, those demon bastards screwed with the teleporters


Damn, thats the second time those demon bastards screwed with the teleporters

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At scripted sequences:
Great, this just keeps getting better.

Holy shit, it works... finally something goes right today.

[gasps, whispers] ....shit. What the hell was that?

Bloody hell. [Mocking voice]"Travel to exotic lands, earn your way to the promising career of your choice, develop real world skills..." I don't remember nothin' in that pamphlet about thirty foot tall rocket launchers!

When gettin' hurt badly/attacking:
[growls]Raa SHIT, WHY WON'T YOU DIE?!


Dirty piece of shit... [blam] DIE!!

Go back to hell!

Actually, I dunno. I doubt this kinda stuff would happen... its more of a mod thing and I've yet to play a Doom mod with some good voice acting. Far be it from id Software's goals to achive storyline or character development or plot. They're basically just graphics and atmosphere.

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