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Doom - Evil Unleashed 3.4

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Inferno – Part 4


“Ahh safe at last!”

Colonel Hauser breathed a heavy sigh of relief as he slumped back into the pilot’s chair of the Emergency shuttle and pressed the “Shuttle door” button, closing the shuttle’s entrance hatch with a muffled clang.

The Colonel activated the shuttle and waited a brief moment until a soft female voice sounded in his headset.

“Shuttle system startup initiated – all shuttle systems nominal”

He activated the lifting rockets and the craft began to vibrate and shake increasingly more viciously, as the spacecraft lifted off from the Martian base.

Hauser laughed as he looked at a screen showing the surface of Mars disappearing more and more away beneath him.

He leaned back in the chair. He recalled his last frightening encounter with some of the aliens. In his mind he saw the hideous brown thing walk right past him. While having it’s back turned on him, he snuck up to the doorway and peeked around the doorframe again. The other humanoid creature was busy eating a dead tech with its back turned on him. Hauser remembered how his stomach churned at the horrible sight and sounds, but he slipped inside the room and snuck past the thing.

Hauser felt sweat broke out on his forehead as he remembered how close he had been to get killed by that monster.
He had just reached a door on the opposite end of the room when he heard a loud hiss behind him. Spinning around he had seen the humanoid shape raise it’s right claw.
The Colonel had rushed inside, pressed the switch next to the door and closed the reinforced metal door just as a ball of flame exploded against the closing door, scorching the shiny metal.

“But they didn’t get me!” He told himself and smiled relieved.

A deep, rumbling sound suddenly caught Colonel Hauser’s attention. He wondered if the maintenance team had checked the engine properly. Sloppy bastards He thought irritably. They probably didn’t go through all the maintenance procedures as they should.
Hopefully the noise didn’t indicate that something serious was wrong with the engine. He didn’t want the ship to break down too close to Mars.

The noise sounded again, but this time it appeared to me much nearer.

With a sudden jolt of horror Hauser realized that it wasn’t the engine rumbling. It was the sound of some sort of animal growling. Only it wasn’t an animal...

The Colonel leapt out of the seat and turned around, while grabbing frantically for his side arm.

A couple feet away from him stood a big, muscular, pink creature. It raised it’s head and in that very instant it’s eyes began to glow bright yellow. It snarled as it saw Hauser raise his pistol and lunged at the panicking Colonel.

Hauser fired blindly at the monster but it rammed right into him, knocking the air out of him and he could feel the big, sharp teeth of the creature bore into his stomach while he was falling backwards.

He screamed.


The door was made of rusty steel. Dry blood covered a few areas on the orange brownish, rusty surface.

I walked up closer to the doors. I could hear a number of scuffling feet and strange sounds on the other side. It sounded like there were lots of creatures in there so I brought out my newly acquired super gun, the “Big Freaking Gun” and unfolded it to its full size.

Let’s see if this thing’s really as good as it seems! I thought, kicked the door handle so it automatically clicked down and leapt aside as the door opened up with a terrible whining noise. Several surprised grunts sounded from the other side as the noise caught their attention. I depressed the trigger and held it down, while the gun began to hum as it charged up energy. A display at the back of the gun showed me how much energy it was building up.

Just before the energy level reached the point where the gun would launch it’s deadly sphere of destruction, I leapt into view. A small horde of creatures composed of former humans and “brownies” surrounding a “bigmouth” was waiting behind the open door. I pointed the barrel of my huge gun at the flock just as a loud sizzle sounded, followed by a bright green flash and a large, bright ball of green, transparent plasma shot out from the BFG. The green ball exploded in the middle of the flock of demons in a blinding flash and sent legs, arms and other ruined body parts flying. The sounds of cracking bones reached my ears. The next instant, the gun emitted another, but less bright green muzzle flash and most of the remaining creatures exploded from the inside in a green flash of plasma energy, melting their internal organs, shattering their bones and ripping their flesh apart. I let out an insane laughter at the spectacle.

I hurled myself back behind cover, threw the BFG to the ground with a hollow, metallic clank and drew my shotgun from my back.

A former human, which was fortunate enough to have survived the apocalyptic destruction of the BFG rushed through the door, but got its head blown off. The bigmouthed red ball came right at its heels, and I had to retreat further back to avoid its lightning balls, while still keeping it at bay with a few shells.

After the last monster was dead, I looked inside the large room. It reminded me strangely enough of a human military base, but there was something really strange about it all. As if the materials had been infested by a diabolic presence. The demons were obviously experimenting with human technology, slowly twisting it beyond recognition. My only guess as to why they would construct human-like areas was that they were familiarizing themselves with human tech. They must have used some sort of hellish magic to construct these areas so quickly.

I opened up one of the doors in the room - there was three of these apart from the rusty door I had entered the room through. It had been a typical, space base door, but now it was filthy and stank - almost like oil, but this was a downright horrible stench.

Much to my surprise, I saw boxes containing anti-personnel rockets and energy cell packs in the small room behind the door. What the Hell is all this ammo doing in Hell? I thought confused, but I knew the answer, just as that thought went through my tired mind. The demons were trying to figure out our weapons to perhaps even use them against us!

I gritted my teeth. They wouldn't get a chance to use the ammo in this room, because I would use it against them instead! I had indeed been lucky to find this small "ammo depot", as I was out of rockets and low on energy cells for my BFG.


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I always find it amusing how the bad guys in novels and films (Colonel in this case) ignores something like a rumbling noise when

a) They're alone

b) They know that some creature or some creatures are out somewhere, and they can be cunning or deceptive

c) They don't bother reacting to the sound until it's right on top of them.

d) They always celebrate without doing something like a basic check of their area.

Makes you wonder how exactly the bad guys ever lived up to that point in their various forms of media :)

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Dammit, I KNEW I should've thought a bit more about how to kill the Colonel.
I originally intended to kill him off at the Mars base just like Major Jefferson (whom I killed in E3 part 2), but then I thought: nah, too straightforward.

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