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deep damnit

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Check the "FLAT" radio button when you F7/Import-Merge. ALL BMP graphics imported will be converted to a 64x64 DOOM "flat" format. That takes care of the technical graphic format.

Now to have DeePsea and the games recognize this as a part of the standard "flat" set, you need to put FF_START and FF_END (or F_END) surrounding all your new flat lumps.

Use the "Insert Target" buttons in Import or use the F7/Rename.. Tool on the FLAT file you have created.

The help has a discussion on this subject.

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ok i got that part down....but when i have a flat (say a cloud(s)) it just tiles them on the cieling when i want it to look like the sky in doom 2 u know what i mean....like it lays it directly on the cieling (like a normal flat) but i want it to be like the doom2 sky is and for it to be stretched up wards and it isnt tiled? is that possible?

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Fire up DeePsea

Hit F7

Click "Merge import multiple FILES into PWAD"

Click "Open Target File" and open the WAD file you want to put your flat into. (Typing in a new name will create a new WAD.)

Click "Add Files" and select the BMP you want to import.

Make sure flats are selected in import options.

Click "Save all files".

For most (all?) ports to read this as a flat, it must be between F_START and F_END, or FF_START and FF_END markers in the WAD file. These can be added in DeePsea using the "Insert Target" button in the import dialogue, or in the "Rename-Ins-Del-Move PWAD Lump Names" dialogue, also available by pressing the F7 key.

If your file already has F*_X markers, make sure you select the F*_Start lump in the lump list (right column of the import dialogue) to make sure your imported flat gets placed after the F*_start marker. If you put it in the wrong place, you can still move it using "Rename-Ins-Del-Move PWAD Lump Names".

Don't know if that sounds complex or not. It is actually very simple. I just checked, it took me just under a minute to put a flat into a totally new wad file, and add the F_START/END markers on either side of it.

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Well, whilst I am typing this, people are probably already answering the post, like happened last time.

Skys are made up of wall type textures in doom. Any sector that has F_SKY1 on its ceiling (or floor), will use the appropriate sky texture for that part of the game. The brown clouds of SKY1 for early doom2 levels, the burning city of SKY2 for the middle levels and the hellish SKY3 for the last levels.

To quickly see what your sky will look like, create a 256x128 version of it and import it into a WAD as a lump called RSKY1. Then load up your wad and look at the outside areas of MAP01. RSKY1 is the actual graphic used in the texture SKY1.

Some source ports (eg Zdoom) allow you to specify which sky will be used for which level. You can even give each level a different sky. In some source ports, skies can be taller than 128 pixels, and in Zdoom (maybe others) you can also create skyboxes. These are areas of the map that you build and then place a special camera in. The view from that camera will be used as the sky for any sector using the F_SKY1 flat.

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