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Little Faith

A pest of a poll from a pestering poll forum pesterer.

Are you an optimist or a pessimist?  

20 members have voted

  1. 1. Are you an optimist or a pessimist?

    • I am an optimist.
    • I am a pessimist.
    • I am both.
    • I am neither.
    • That depends.

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"There is nothing worse than an old optimist, or a young pessimist."-Mark Twain

I could consider myself a little bit of both really.

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OPTIMIST: The glass is half full.
PESSIMIST: The glass is half empty.

FUTURIST: The milk's in the wrong half of the glass.

PASCAL PROGRAMMER: Well, what type of milk is it?

C PROGRAMMER: No thanks, I drink straight from the jug.

ASSEMBLY PROGRAMMER: No thanks, I drink straight from the cow.

BASIC PROGRAMMER: No thanks, I'm still breast feeding.

FUZZY LOGIC GUY: I may or may not have drunk some part of that milk.

PENTIUM USER: I drank Glass # .49999999 . . . but don't hold me to that.

WINDOWS USER: Where my straw?

MAC USER: Where's my pump?

UNIX USER: Nahh... too easy.

SHAREWARE GAME AUTHOR: That glass is free, the next one you have to pay for.

CIA: What makes you think that's milk?

COPY PROTECTION CRAZY: Somebody drank half my milk and didn't pay for it!

BILL GATES: Not enough market share to be Microsoft Milk.

APPLE COMPUTER: You guys really oughta be drinking Perrier.

NATIONAL NEWS MEDIA: Hey, we wanted OJ!!!

Schizofrenic - The glass is half empty. The glass is half full.

Irishman - Why the feck isn't the glass full of Guinness?

Physicist - The glass has reached its midpoint in terms of capacity.

Confucius - Perhaps it is not the glass which we percieve as half empty or half full, but it is in fact the liquid in the glass occupying a certain amount of space IN the galss which we percieve.

Nilist - There is no glass

Holocaust Denier - There was never any glass to begin with ,and the notion that it contains any water whatsoever is absurd.

Grandfather - Back in my day, we were lucky to have a paper cup!

Jewish Mother - That's OK honey...i'll just sit here without water.

George W Bush - What's a glass?

Al Gore - I invented the glass.

Bill Clinton - That's not water in that glass!

Rapper - The water up in the Gliz-azz be all up in my grill, What-WAAAT!

Bob Dylan - If it weren't for "the man", my glass would be full.

Product Development: The glass is too big.

Marketing: The TurboGlass (tm) is the perfect balance between fullness and emptiness, guaranteed to bring a measure of harmony to anyone who owns one.

Sales: If you'd like the glass filled, we're running a special today.

Technical Support: Yes, it is supposed to be that way. No, ma'am, it's not a bug. Really!

PR: The company announces the release of Glass 96 (tm), the first glass on the market with the most spillable portion of the water pre-consumed. "I'm proud to be affiliated with such a forward-thinking company," said the Company's President.

Graphic Design: Can I redraw the glass? Please?

Documentation: If you fill it the rest of the way, it will be more user-friendly.

Training: No, hold the glass with the other hand. Now lift it gently to your lips...

Operations: Hasn't anyone shipped that glass yet?

Hardware: Keep that glass away from the computer!

Quality Assurance: Hand me that hammer, please.

Finance: That glass will hold more beans if we dump the water out first.

Administration: Hand me that glass, will ya? I'm thirsty.

Front Desk: I'm sorry. The glass is in a meeting right now.

Cribbed from three different sites, I'm sorry.

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I make a point of complaining all I can, but overall I've developed a good ability to find good/amusing things in any bad situation, so it really just depends on my mood and what I actually want to find in that situation.

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Depends on my mood.
I must say, though, that I'm really pessimistic about what the quality of the posts in the Doom 3 forum will be like when Doom 3's out.

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I find thayt by being pessimistic and putting everyone else in a bad mood or making them laugh with my superb wit and pessimistic skillz, I feel better. Hence pessismim is good for me.

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Little Faith said:

How american.

I leave the nonfiction site rippage to the Brits.

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IMJack said:

I leave the nonfiction site rippage to the Brits.

OI, watch it! :P

Heh, Jack I liked the glass yarn, some nice ones: windows user: where's my straw? haha, great.

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I don't expect anything. If i don't get it, nothing's changed. If i do get it, it's a nice surprise.

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