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The Origin Project

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I'm lazy and have places to go, so I'm gonna do a cut and paste job here. Sorry.

This might not be DOOM news, but it concerns some ppl that are or havebeen in the doom community, besides the doom community might be willing to work on a slightly different project...<p>Vapor has been working on his graphics engine for quite some time now, andhas completed enough to ensure that we can go into the game developmentstage of development.<p>We have decided to call the project of actually creating a gameThe Origin Project.<p>The website is http://origin.cosmicchaos.com
We would be grateful if you mentioned this url along with a note thatpeople are needed to work on various parts, such as design, graphics,sound, music and coding.<p>As you can see from the website and from the tech demo the engine is readyto be used for a specific purpose and in fact most of the changes will begeared toward what the design ppl need.

You remeber Vapor and company right? Go check out the project here. Download the demo and spooge.

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Guest Anonymous User


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Guest mystican

yea terje!
yea boyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyy
terje is responsible for huge1.wad, incase you forgot

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