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Doom Legacy v1.29 For Linux

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On the heels of the DOS port, the native Win32 5th 'pre-release' version of Doom Legacy v1.29 is now also available in sleek Linux glibc / libGL flavor. You can find it mirrored at our source port section as well. According to the authors "you're also able to use Open Entry and connect to DooM Legacy servers even if they use the Dos/Windows version."

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Guest Daggah

Okay, I've bashed Legacy before, but I just tried it for the first time in a while... ...and I like it. Not bad. Still miss those ZDoom/Boom editing features, though. 3dfx Glide mode is very fast on my Celeron 333 w/ two Voodoo2s and 196 megs of RAM...opengl had some hitching, though. All 3D modes still have that "brightness" issue, and there are some graphical glitches (I've seen these in ZDoomGL too). All in all, not that bad. :)

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