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Darkening On Computer!Totaal

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Lucas Laarhoven sent word that the dutch computer e-zine Computer!Totaal announced the release of The Darkening Episode 2. O yeah baby! Who said Doom couldn't bring you fame, glory and hard cash! Euh... forget about that last one :) I've emailed the redaction for permission to post an english translation here later today.

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OK, Rick Janssen (from Gamez) gave me the go-ahead, so here's the translation of their 'Darkening' post:

A new look for Doom II

Are you one of those many gamers who still enjoy playing Doom II ? Then you should get the long-awaited megawad The Darkening, Episode 2.

The Darkening, Episode 2 was created by the finest Doom level designers, and it's not just a collection of new levels. Sure there's plenty of those, counting twelve single-player maps and an equal amount of deathmatch levels which will keep you occupied for the time being. But this long-awaited megawad has still more to offer. It provides id Software's classic game with more than 600 new textures and a completely original soundtrack. Moreover, the designers improved the gameplay for optimal playing pleasure.

More information can be found at The Darkening site on Doomworld. You can download the 4,5 MB file from Telefragged.

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