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New JHexen / JHeretic Released

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Jaakko Keränen has released JHexen v0.99.4 and JHeretic v0.91, with the features he promised in yesterday's update. That list is quite extensive so you might want to hop over to Jaakko's site and view them at your leisure. Or you can just download both OpenGL engines from our source port section instead. The source to the Doomsday engine, JHexen, JHeretic, jtNet2 and the renderers will be available there as well at a later time - the site that is holding it gives me a pretty retarded connection, so I'm going to try mirroring it later.

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Guest Anonymous User

Each new release gets more and more polished but may soon get into that grey area of 'Can I really see a difference'. We all realize that this is a volunteer effort but user feedback on features might provide even some challenges to an expert coder like yourself!!

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