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New DM Level

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Why has the news been so slow lately? I'll just paste this email since it'll fill up a bit of space.

Announcing a new level by Wogan, making his first release to the Doomcommunity, entitled "The Hidden Shrine".

It's small, interconnected design makes for a fast paced yet strategic 1 on1 level, and a truly insane 4 player fragfest, making this level Doom 2deathmatch at its best.

Having undergone numerous hours of development and play testing by Doomfanatics, including feedback from Razorback of The Doom DeathmatchResources, The Hidden Shrine is a quality deathmatch level for the Doomdeathmatch enthusiast.

More details, including a download link and pictures, are available at:

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Not many little DM tricks or traps, and I found it to be a bit small, but great architecture, and it's pretty fun.
Good for one on one, but four players makes it a bit cramped.

If this really is his first release, I'd say it's very impressive work.

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Guest Captain Napalm

For some reason I´m not a big fan of 1 on 1. That isn´t to say I´m bad at one on one (I once beat my friend, who is also a big doom dm player, 50 - 12, of course it was his bad day :) it´s just it lacks fun for me and that´s why I really don´t like 2 player deathmatch. But then again anything over 2 players is fine for me (I live for 32 player free for alls on Quake 3 :) what about other members from the community? 1 on 1 intense Tournament atmosphere or fun fragfests? Also what do you guys think of bots? I think they suck for DM no matter how good they are they just lack humanity which is why I got to LAN partys anyway, but that´s just me. Well see ya all around!

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