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Naked Snake

The Sanctuary

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Jarik jumped down to the dock, landing with a grunt. He looked around to make sure nobody had spotted him. Unslinging the Crossbow he walked into the storage room of the Sanctuary. He thought to himself why he was here.
The swing of the sword
His his chest spraying blood all over the place.
His expression
Tarrence's eyes were wide as he looked up a Jarik, reaching out, wondering why this had to happen to him.
His dying action
Tarrence reached out and hit the alarm before Jarik could stop him. In a few moments, 5 Ackolytes had rushed in and surrounded him, taking him to the sewage regulation room.
Jarik, mercanary for hire, one of the best in the buisness, but hey, sometimes the best fucked up too. Jarik opened the door to the Sanctuary and gazed in, noting the lone guard, his black armor ravaged from battle scars, his gun tightly gripped in his hands. He looked at Jarik and before the guard knew what was going on, an electric bolt collided with his chest, killing him. *buzz* *buzz*! Damnit! The alarms! Jarik rushed in, looking for any opposition, but finding none at the moment. He looked at the "bridge" he had to cross. Well, it wasn't a bridge, more like some colums, but hey, he had to get this job done. He holstered the Crossbow and stepped colum to colum carefully. He reached the other side successfully and he breathed a sigh of relief. Well, there was only one place to go, and that was to the door at the end of the path. Jarik rushed forth but stopped in his tracks as a hail of gunfire sprayed rock chunks about 5 feet in front of him. He looked to the side to see a Liutenant Ackolyte, wearing green armor, clutching an Assult Gun and firing it at Jarik. The electric bolt found its mark as it struck the Liutenant in the face, knocking him over the railing and into the water below, where he sank. Jarik opened the door and stepped in, panting. He reached up and wiped sweat from his forehead. This was worth a lot more than 50 gold, that was for damn well sure. He pressed the call button to the elevator and waited. In about 10 seconds it stopped down on his floor and he stepped on. It rose swiftly and in another 10 seconds he was on the second floor. He ducked, expecting an army of soldiers waiting for him. Nobody. Odd, but hey, Jarik wasn't going to complain. He walked forward and looked at the door marked "Waiting Room". Jarik reached to turn the knob but it wouldn't budge. Damnit! It's locked! Jarik walked around the corner, watching his back, making sure there wasn't anyone following him as he opened the Control Room door. Inside, a guard was there, asleep. Dumbass. He didn't even wake up when Jarik fired the electric bolt. The guard dropped a key that was in his hand. The gold key fell to the ground with a clatter and the light reflected off it, making it shine. Wonderful!

Jarik made his way back to the waiting room and put the key into the keyhole, then turned. *click*. The door opened with a creak. Inside the small room there was a table with a stack of gold on it, a bed and a man sitting on that bed. He looked up at Jarik with a look of relief.
"Are you here to rescue me?" Beldin asked, his creased face bright with hope.
"I'm here to set you free" Jarik acclaimed.
"Yes! I knew it! Come on let's-" Beldin started but he didn't finish. Jarik had pushed the Punch Dagger into his abdomen. The look on his face was not of shock but of realization. He reached up to grab Jarik's shoulders but he fell to the floor, dead, before he could.
"Did I lie?" Jarik said to Beldin's corpse as he knelt down to take Beldin's ring. Jarik searched Beldin's body and found 25 gold as well as the 25 that was on the table. Today was turning out to be a bright day after all. Jarik walked back out into the hall and approached the closed door at the end of it. He turned around when he saw that it was shut. On the colum behind the door was a switch. Maybe, just maybe. Jarik flicked the switch and whirled around to see the door lower behind him. He rushed up the steps and out the door, down the steps on the outside and ducked in the bushes. He waited a bit, but when he heard no guards or any other troops marching around he felt safe. He walked up the dirt path to Rowan's, ready to collect and leave. He entered Rowan's place and dropped the ring on the dias in front of Rowan. Rowan looked at the ring, grabbed it, then looked up at Jarik.
"Well, here, as promised." Rowan said as he set a bag on the dias. "Hey, how would you like to work for the Front, fight for freedom, make some money and kick some ass?" Rowan asked.
"I dunno" Jarik started.
"Let me put it this way. If you say no, you're not only turning down a chance to change the world, you're also turning down the chance to live to see the world changed" Rowan remarked coldly.
"Hmm" Jarik mumbled "Yeah, I guess"
"Good, take this com unit. Blackbird will guide you to where you need to go" Rowan explained as he set the com unit in front of him. Jarik attached it to his wrist and nodded. "Get going, if you stay around any longer the Order may get suspicious, then we'll both be dead." Rowan said. Jarik nodded once again and left, not knowing what lie ahead...

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