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And Again...

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More Press Release madness for you all today to enjoy. This time coming to you from your Raven Games HQ, Raven-Games.com.

Welcome to Raven-Games.com - A website designed especially for and by the Raven community. We're not your average community! The Raven community is an awesome, ever-evolving group of people who enjoy Raven Software's computer games. This site is for those who want an enhanced gaming experience and share our love for the games. We offer help and tips on our forums, or you can just chat with your new best friends. Take a peek at our hosted sites, all designed by our talented group of dedicated gamers. So join in the fun and add your voice to our eclectic mix of personalities, because Raven-Games.com is all about the Raven community!

So in other words, all you H game fans or possibly those that like Merc like games should head on over and check her out.

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