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New JHeretic

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Since Raven-Games is back up, that also means the return of the Win32 OpenGL Heretic port JHeretic, with version 0.92 being released. What's new, you ask?


  • You can now jump if you want to (controlled with the console variables allowjump and n_jump). But remember that the original levels weren't designed for jumping, so you can easily get stuck in some places.
  • A multiplayer menu has been added. With it you can easily start netgames, join them and set your name and the color of your clothes.
  • 3D sounds with reverberation. Much like in JHexen.
  • Bug fixes: immediateuse works, chat messages in netgames aren't garbled,
  • G_DeathMatchSpawnPlayer won't crash.
  • Doomsday Engine 0.99.5 (for instance fixes a bug that easily caused a crash when a netgame was started).

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