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Lost Wad Series Re-release

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The Lost Wad Series has been re-released over at the Tranquil Lament Software homepage.*snip*

Just a note to tell you that The Lost WADs Series has bere-released at our site. This is the excellent, completeseries with custom install program, windows-based launcherand more!

Please share this information in your news section so othersmight download the file.

The URL for the file is at:http://tranquil.stomped.com/files/tlw_all/tlw_all.zipand our home site is at http://tranquil.stomped.com/.

There you go. Go check it out.

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Heh. Judging by the screenshots, Lost wad #1 is horrible and #7 is pretty good. I wonder if there's an experience transition there?

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Guest Manna

Totally. The first few aren't very good but towards the end, I was good enough to join TeamTNT. A bit of history! =) -Manna

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