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The Mordeth TC Site has one of those rare updates you so long to see. So what is new with the oldest Doom project in existence? Well, Gaston has finally started using Windows 95 instead of Win 3.1 (even when he upgrades he's still 5 years behind). In actual Mordeth news, the engine coder has returned and work is getting done on levels and sprites, as always... oh yeah, and there's some new screenshots to check out, so hop on over.

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Guest Rez

Hey Gaston, if you still have certain parts of your Win3.1 setup, you can almost certainly get your password out of the swapfile. It's normally transmitted as plaintext, therefore swapped out as plaintext. A good argument for temp swapfiles on Win95 systems, which can be vulnerable to outside attack. (Win3.1 is pretty much immune.) I just set up Win95 for everyday use last November, so you're not the only reactionary around here :) But I still use the Win3.1 box for net stuff, and a DOS browser if I need real security! Oh yeah, Mordeth TC... those new screenshots look *really nice*.

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