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Client-Server Doomsday

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If it's not Doom 3, it's been Client-Server recently. So why stop with the trend now? Exactly my point. Well Jaako, creator of all things great and small, has updated the JHexen page with some info on the first test of the Doomsday Engine's Client-Server ability.

*SNIP*[quote] The first test of the new client/server code was encouraging. I tried a little bit of 2-player action on Heretic's E1M1 and everything seemed pretty smooth.....</blockquote></font>Well gotta love that type of news. Of course for the full skinny, you gotta get on over to the site itself.

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Guest Anonymous User

First CSDooM, now CSDooMsday engine. I cant wait to play 8 on 8 games in Hexen/Heretic/Doom with full OpenGL support! I'll probably run a server for this, too. -Evenball[RSG]

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