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Naked Snake

The Front

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Jarik clasped the com unit around his wrist and put the ear piece into his ear and headed for the door. He stopped and glanced back at Rowan, who was glaring at him intently. Jarik faced forward once again and headed out the door. As he walked the com unit started to beep. Not wanting to be overheard he rushed down the steps in front of him and hid in a dark room, the gray brick walls of the room were stained with filth and the entire room smelled like sewage. The only light being provided in the room was from a barrel that had burning garbage in it. Jarik clicked the com unit's button to recive the transmission. After a few bursts of static a female voice broke through, coming in very clear.
"Hello? Hello?" the woman's voice called.
"Yeah?" Jarik replied, his voice was hoarse from the horrible smell that the room contained. The woman laughed triumphantly and spoke again.
"Good! The com unit works, so that means you're really a human." she said, a hint of humor in her voice. The humor faded and she became serious. "Look, I've been ordered to bring you in. I trust you but if you fuck with me, you will be alive for a while before you are put out of your misery, got it?"
"Um...yeah." Jarik replied, trying as hard as he could to suppress the fear he had.
"By the way, you can call me Blackbird" Blackbird said sweetly. "Now, head over to the old Town Hall, I'll guide you in when you get there" she commanded. Jarik went back up the steps, glad to be out of the dank room. Once back on the surface he headed to the Town Hall. As he passed by the Tavern he stopped. The clinking of glasses, the roar of many conversations taking place and the braying laughter beckoned him. He shook his head and continued to walk to the Town Hall. He crossed the bridge, slowly. He didn't trust the bridge, it looked almost bad enough to condem. He felt much better when he reached the other side.
"Ok, now, head inside. Go to the door on your left then on your right. The guard, Geoff, will open the door to the tunnel Macil had built when the Order destoyed the Town Hall" Blackbird instructed. Jarik traversed his way through the rubble and entered the Town Hall. The hole in the roof gave him enough light so that he could see where to go. He grabbed the knob of the door then pushed. It didn't do what he expected. Instead of opening, the door fell in. Jarik stepped over the cracked wooden door. The silence of the Town Hall made him feel like he was the only person left alive, until a voice called out "Hey! What are you doing here, boy?!". Jarik saw a man standing 6 foot 9 inches easy, his muscles strained against the tight armor he was wearing. The man, who he guessed was Geoff, stared at him with his good eye, the other was shut and had a long scar running from the top of it down past his nose. Geoff's hair was blonde and greasy, his face was covered in dirt and his arms were covered in various bruises and cuts.
"Hey," Jarik responded "I need some gold. Ya got any?". Geoff's expression changed from suspicion to caution.
"Yeah, right this way" he said, motioning to Jarik for him to follow. They stepped into a room, lit by a candle. It was pretty plain, just two tables. Geoff smiled at Jarik and said "Blackbird told ya the code huh? Well, lemme shut off the alarms and open the passage. Macil is downstairs.". Geoff reached under the table and flicked a switch. The wall slid up to reveal a passage. A grinding sound came from the passage, like machinery running. Jarik smiled back at Geoff and nodded, entering the passage. The stairs in the passage had just finished lowering when Jarik had entered. He walked down the stairs, ready to meet Macil...

At the bottom of the stairs seemed to be a warehouse. Boxes of all sizes stacked all around almost filled the room. Jarik followed the path that was being lit by lights overhead. He peered down a hallway, guards standing by a wall, their guns ready. Jarik casually walked down the hall, nodding at the guard as he passed. The guard didn't respond. Jarik entered a large computer room. A man standing on a slightly raised platform looked at Jarik. That must be Macil Jarik thought. Macil looked to be around 43. His face was hard, scars decorated his face. Jarik approached him, and Macil looked down at him.
"Ah," Macil started, "You must be Jarik. Blackbird guided you here, did she not?" he continued without letting Jarik answer, "She has taken quite a shine to you. We are The Front. We have many soldiers and scientists but we lack that one..." Macil said, strugling for words, "...Problem solver that can help us. Are you willing to help us?" Macil asked.
"Um...I dunno..." Jarik replied, scratching the back of his neck.
"You might want to reconsider, seeing as you are surrounded by armed, very angry rebels." Macil calmy said to Jarik. Jarik sighed and responded.
"Allright, I'm in.".
"Good. Here is some gold. Go visit the medic, the weapons trainer then go see Iraeli. Iraeli supplies us with our weapons."
"Then what do I do after that?"
"Frankly speaking, the situation is very bad. You will need to acomplish a lot before we can take a strike against the Order. First we need you to get into the prison and free our captured troops." Macil explained. "Fight for the Front and our freedom! Move out!". Macil saluted Jarik and Jarik headed off to the medic and the trainer...

Jarik stepped outside of the Town Hall to go to Iraeli's. The medic had given him a stamina implant, which supposedly made him stronger and increased his healing abilities. The trainer had given him some gun tips to increase his accuracy. Macil had given him 500 gold to get an Assault Gun, some ammo and other supplies.
"Damnit, where do I go?" Jarik wondered aloud.
"Iraeli's place is in the unmarked door, behind the weapons shop" Blackbird said.
"But where is the weapons shop?" Jarik asked.
"Look at the map display on your com unit." Blackbird responded. Jarik looked at the com unit on his wrist and saw a diagram. The red dot was him, he guessed. He stepped forward and as he did so the dot moved. Yep, he was right. He pressed the button marked "Important Locations" and several choices popped up. He selected "Iraeli" and the map came back into view. The dot (him) was shown for a few seconds, then a path of line segments showed him where to go. He remebered where the line segments led and followed them right to Iraeli's door. He knocked and said "Alms for a peasant". The door opened and he walked in. It was hot but well lit. He walked up to the counter and looked at Iraeli.
"Assault Gun, right?" Iraeli said.
"Yep" Jarik replied, putting 300 gold down on the table. "And some ammo too!" He added. A few moments later Iraeli placed an Assault Gun on the counter and 5 clips.
"That'll be 400" Iraeli informed Jarik. Jarik put down 100 more gold on the counter and snatched the Assault Gun and put his clips on his belt. Now he needed to free the prisoners.

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