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New XDoom Released

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Udo Munk has released an updated version of his Unix XDoom source port at Walnut Creek, which you can find mirrored at our source port section. Taken from the changelog:

  • Forgot to create ~/.xdoom, fixed.
  • Ported to Solaris x86 by Per Espen Hagen.
  • Fixed a memory allocation problem with vissprites, which could cause the engine to halt with an error message.
  • Some new linedefs for a new PWAD project.
  • The format of the COMTXT resource has changed, NL terminated instead of 0 terminated and #EOF tag necessary.
  • Some documentation work here and there.
As is usual, a new set of the cross-platform XWadTools has also been released. New here are:
  • Slige build 485 integrated with big endian support from Oliver Kraus.
  • Wreject, waddwd and wadps have big endian support contributed by Oliver Kraus.
  • Tkwadcad got some new linedefs for XDoom support.
  • Lib and include has new byte swap functions contibuted by Oliver Kraus. This should speed up big endian support development for other WAD tools.
  • Oliver Kraus wrote a testbed for testing the node builders and level map compilers/decompilers. This is included too.
  • Some documentation work all over the place.
In case you're confused about what XDoom and XWadTools actually are, head over to our source port section to grab their text files... it really is too much to mention in one post :)

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Guest Confusion

Took you a while to notice that, Mord.

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