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Ralph Mayrell sent us news about R! World:

R! World has posted a new directory of source ports that exist in its new Source Port article in response to the very frequent requests by people new to the community about which port to use. I hope this article can become an article that frequent posters in forums such as Doomworld, NewDoom, or DoomCenter can link to just as easily as they would the BFG FAQ. This article is open for editing, so corrections and additions are welcome to be sent to me.

The article is available here, along with two brand-new reviews (of Spone II and Suck a Sage).

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Looks good. perhaps a link to the ports listing pages on DW/ND/DC would be a good addition. since some people are technically savvy, but less familiar with the DOOM ports.
the most descriptive page was the Newdoom page -- with AdrenalineVault-type feature lists of each port... but that seems to be offline currently.

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