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Naked Snake

The Deal

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Jarik stood in front of the prison. It was huge! The building seemed to radiate fear, its large door like the mouth of a monster, swallowing people whole, ending what life they had. Jarik had recived the key to the Governor's mansion, but he didn't say why he would need it. He approached the door, a little uneasy. This is where I could have ended up.
"Halt" an armed guard said sharply, holding out his hand. "Nobody gets in the prison without a pass from either the Governor or the Warden." he informed Jarik.
"Oh, I'm sorry, I was just looking, that's all" Jarik replied but the guard eyed him suspiciously. This made Jarik feel more uncomfortable. Jarik quickly turned away, running to the Governor's mansion.

It wasn't a mansion, so to speak, more like a grand office. The guards didn't stop him, they probably were only there to stop those who tried to get in forcefully. Jarik used the key and opened the door, not knowing what to expect. Maybe he will just hand me the key. Jarik though, sarcastically.
"Hey, do you have an appointment?" a man asked meekly.
"No...do I need one?" Jarik asked the man.
"You should get one." The man said, putting his thumb on his cheek and his index finger on his chin, "I think I should call the guards". Jarik didn't give him the chance. He swiftly kicked the man in the face and then grabbed him, slit his throat and dropped the body. He then looked to make sure nobody had heard. Jarik dragged the body to the basement and threw the cadavre into the incinerator. Good thing no blood spilled on the floor. Jarik had found 25 gold on the man's body, it fell out when he dragged him. Jarik headed back upstairs and went up the elevator to see the Governor.

"First they slaughter thousands, then they order me to gather 500 able bodied peasants for testing...HOW THE HELL DOES THE ORDER EXPECT ME TO KEEP THE PEACE!?" Governor Mourel shouted, unaware that Jarik was in the room. Jarik shut the door and Mourel looked up at him. "WHAT THE HELL DO YOU WANT?".
"I need a prison pass" Jarik stated, making the Governor laugh.
"What makes you think I would give you a pass, let alone let you live just for asking me?" Mourel replied.
"Well, I'm willing to take care of some of your problems"
"Hmm, I'm listening"
"Well, give me a job"
"I have two chores that I need taken care of. One is a little messy, the other might be up your alley, its bloody. First I need you to find a power coupling. It has a tap to it that somebody set up to steal power. Destroy it. I'll give you the other job when you return."
"How do I find it?"
"If I knew then it wouldn't be a chore, now would it you peon." Mourel said.

Blackbird had informed Jarik that a man named McGuffin may know where it is. He remebered this place. It was that dark, smelly room he had first spoke to Blackbird in. An old man stood next to the barrel, his clothing in tatters, his leather cap had a patch in it, his googles up on his cap and his dirty, matted hair flowing to his shoulder.
"Hey, you, I need some help" Jarik said, a look of pity in his eyes looking at McGuffin. McGuffin looked back at him and he knew that Jarik pitied him. This young punk thinks I'm some sorry piece of shit.
"So?" McGuffin grumbled. I don't have time for this! Jarik grabbed McGuffin by the collar and pulled him close, not hiding his anger.
"Look, you NEED to help me, LIVES are at stake!" Jarik insisted.
"Release me!" McGuffin said, pushing Jarik away, "Leave an old man alone."
"Look, you hate the Order right?" Jarik asked, hoping, no, praying that McGuffin would say yes. McGuffin simply nodded. "Well, I need your help, its a long story, but to make it go on, I need your help!" Jarik pleaded.
"Ok, what do ya need?" McGuffin asked Jarik.
"Well, I need to find a power coupling" Jarik replied.
"Ah, I thought ya needed me ta fight er somethin'" McGuffin said, chuckling, "The power coupling is right here, in the sewers. See the switch behind ya? That opens up the door over there" He said, pointing a wrinkled, shaky finger out the door of the room across a lake of sewage to a large metal door.
"Thanks." Jarik said. He reached out with 50 gold in his hands, offering it to McGuffin. McGuffin was to proud to accept.
"I dun need yer money" McGuffin said softly, shaking his head. Jarik understood, nodding. He flipped the switch and held his breath...

The slog through the muck made Jarik feel sick to his stomach but he managed. Inside the room was a power coupling and next to it was a small box with a wire leading out of it. Jarik raised his Assult Gun and put a full clip worth of bullets into the box.
"Mission accomplished!" Blackbird said gleefully "Head back to the mansion and find out what your next job is!".

Jarik walked into Mourel's office and set the box on his desk. He looked stupified at first them smiled widely. "Good, very good. Now." Mourel said, standing up, "There is a greedy bastard named Derwin, he works in the warehouse. He has been kidnapping children and selling them to the Order. I won't tolerate his disgusting actions! Find Derwin, kill him and bring me his...ear! Yes, his ear." Mourel commanded, his eyes gleamed. Sell children and not give me my cut will he? Mourel thought as Jarik walked out the door. "I wonder if he will actually be able to do this?" Mourel wondered aloud to nobody. "If he runs into trouble, I guess he'll have to play it by ear!" Mourel said, then laughed at his own joke.

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Incredible so overactive you've become, eh? :-)
The story's good I think, the latest chapters are definitely better than the intro.

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Incredible so overactive you've become, eh? :-)

I need something to divert my mind from thinking about how I have to work my ass off on the last full day of school to pass Science.

The story's good I think, the latest chapters are definitely better than the intro.

Thanks! I've been taking the advice that you and Spike gave to me in the other threads.

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