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csDoom v0.6 Released

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A new beta version of the client/server internet Doom port csDoom has been released. This includes the master server source but the client/server source for Win32 and fbsd binaries will be released at a later date. So, what's new you ask... here's shortened list:

  • Lost UDP packets are re-sent. Weapons won't shoot wrong ammo and half-dead corpses won't appear any more.
  • Teleport bug fixed, door/lift sounds work properly.
  • Includes a simple server spy for linux and new v2.0 launcher.
  • Mapcycling works in background.
  • csdoom.dhs.org refers to the current master server IP.
  • Remote console added. You can change any server settings remotely. You can add maps to the map cycling list, change dmflags, fraglimit, etc.
  • Teamplay has been added!

You can get the Win32/Linux binaries and Linux/FreeBSD server source mirrored at our source port section. Now, go play!

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Guest Anonymous User

would owners of csdoom servers please visit the following site:


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I bet Fly had a reason to kick out a couple of geeky fags. So? He's making a great program and he's cool. Other people may not be, though. Some actions, when made public, dont necessarily loose their worth.

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