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WADSpy Released

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God, I love it when people write emails that explain themselves.

I'd like to announce that my adaption of R. Spangler'sWADWhat program is done. My proggie is called WADSpy and, besides listing alevel's things in either a long or a short outputformat, tries to gauge a level's difficulty level(just like WADWhat, really. I assume you know whatthat does). Anyway, I've changed WADWhat so that it works withboth Doom I and Doom II levels, added a cmd-lineoption that lets you specify a single level frommegawads ('cause the long output tends to get justthat... long!). Also, I rewrote much of the codewhich should be _much_ faster now (tho' I doubt thatyou'll notice on a high-end pentium with DMA-66 drives,but what the heck).

If it sounds interesting to you, download it right here.

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