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Naked Snake

The Prison

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This is going easier than expected. Jarik approached the warehouse of the Power Station, laughing to himself about how Goddamned easy this was going to be. He had no opposition getting in, the guards and the Foreman didn't even ask to see if he had a pass. According to Blackbird, Derwin was a fat, sweaty, slob of a man that smoked nasty cigars and hardly cleaned himself. Guess I'll have to follow my nose. After a few twists and turns, Jarik saw Derwin, standing next to a crate large enough to hold about 3 Derwin's. There are probably kids in there! This made Jarik angry, the thought of those poor, innocent young children being sold just so this obese son of a bitch could make some gold to line his coffers? Jarik approached him and said "Are you Derwin?".
"Yeah" he replied in a thick English accent "And just who the Hell are you?"
"Jar, er...none of your fuckin' buisness!" Jarik snapped.
"Oh shit, the Governor sent you, didn't he?" Derwin asked nervously, "I was gonna give him his cut, really I was! I got a lot of money stashed away, we can split it if you lemme go!" Derwin pleaded, the sweat beading from his forehead. Damned Mourel, why didn't he just keep out of my buisness? This was the last thought that went through Derwin's head before he died. Jarik had stabbed Derwin with the tip of a poisonous bolt. Jarik then kneeled down and cut off Derwin's ear with his Punch Dagger. His cut? Did Mourel send me here to kill Derwin just because he wasn't getting paid? That matter, Jarik promised, would be taken care of another day...

Jarik stormed into Mourel's office, his expression dark. He hated Mourel with all his heart now, but he needed him.
"Oh the excitement is just EAR-resistable" Mourel joked "Do you have some good news? I'm all ears!" Mourel added, then laughed.
"There" Jarik said, dropping the putrid, bloody ear on Mourel's desk. Mourel's expression changed from excitement to pure elation.
"Here!" Mourel said, handing a Prison Pass to Jarik "This will get you into the prison! Warden Montag has the keys to the cells, in case you wanted to know, but what you do after that, I don't want to know" Mourel spoke, his dirty teeth exposed in a crooked grin. Jarik started to ask about what Derwin meant by giving Mourel a cut but Mourel cut him off "I'll give you a hint, when I stop talking to you, you leave.". Jarik simply turned and headed towards the prison.

"Hmm, never did I think about breaking into prison" Blackbird mused. Jarik smiled and entered the prison. He didn't even look at the guard, he simply showed his pass and waited for the front door to open. So far so good. He stepped inside and looked around. A guard, wearing blue armor and clutching a modified Assult Gun stood next to a locked door. Jarik approached the door, eyeing the guard.
"Stop right there!" The guard ordered, "Nobody gets in without a pass from the Governor or the Warden" He informed Jarik. Jarik flashed his pass and the guard nodded, turned to the door and swiped his card through the reader. The door opened with a whir and Jarik heard screams eminate from within the bowels of the prison. He stepped into the door and it swiftly shut behind him. A door marked "Warden Montag" was open, so Jarik walked in. Inside there was a steps, which Jarik ascended. At the top there was a skinny man with clean black hair and a monacle on his right eye. Jarik stepped towards the Warden and asked "Warden?" to confirm his suspicion.
"Yes? And just who are you?" The Warden asked, adjusting his monacle.
"The Governor gave me a pass, I came here -" Jarik started to explain but Warden Montag cut him off.
"I don't care if Mourel gave you a pass, this is my prison, I control it, and you I do not trust. My key," he said, holding up a golden key, "Is the only way in or out!".
Jarik punched the Warden in the face with his Punch Dagger as he snatched the key from his hands.
"Thank you" Jarik chuckled.

Jarik stepped into the prison passage and suddenly an alarm went off. The guard behind the control panel aimed his weapon and shouted "FREEZE!". I don't have TIME to play games. Jarik grabbed his Assault Gun from his back draw holster and fired. The guard spasmed as the bullets ripped his flesh. He soon fell to the ground, forming a pool of blood. Jarik rushed down the hallway, firing at and killing the two guards that came around the corner. He soon came across some bars that blocked his path. He pressed the switch next to them and they rose. Jarik now continued on his journey. He turned the corner and looked down the hallway to see a Spider Droid coming towards him from up on the ceiling. He aimed up at it and sent forth blazing hot lead into the weak armor of the Spider Droid. After a few rounds, the bot exploded into a shower of gears and metal. Jarik once again started down the path, reloading as he walked towards the elevator...

He waited a good 5 minutes before the elevator hit the bottom floor. Jarik had his Assault Gun ready but there were no guards waiting on this floor. Hmm, no alarms either. Jarik put his Assault Gun away and walked towards the door marked "Prisoner Release System". The door was locked. Fuck!
"Jarik, that door is locked with a palm I.D. scanner. The only person that can open it is Judge Wollenek" Blackbird explained to him. Jarik started down the hallway. At the end of the hallway was an altar, lit with candles. Jarik started up the steps and came to a door at the top of them. "The Judge" the door read. Jarik walked in, armed and ready. He rushed up the stairs and through a curtain doorway. The Judge shot up from his bed and looked at Jarik, who was already upon him. Jarik grabbed him and said "Free my friends or die!".
"Haha" the Judge laughed "My pattern is the only one that can unlock the cells, kill me and your friends will rot in prison, alongside you!" he snapped. Jarik wasted no more time, he shot the Judge in the chest, careful to avoid his hands. Jarik found a large axe mounted on the wall of the Judge's chamber. Jarik placed the Judge's arm on his nightstand and raised the axe over his head. He brought it down quickly and severed the hand at the wrist. Perfect!
"Holy shit, you cut off his hand!" Blackbird exclaimed, amazed "I thought you were a nice-guy, well, sorta. Well, let's go!".

Jarik placed the Judge's hand up to the reader and entered the room. He then rushed to place the palm on all the readers, opening the cells. He heard joyous shouts and he ran out the door. A minute later, Jarik was in the cellblock hallway. Men rushed out and down th steps. A weird noise sounded from the bottom of the steps. Jarik stopped a man and asked what was down there.
"A teleporter! We set the coordnates to teleport us to the Front base! We used a scrambler, so it will be impossible for them to trace!" the man gleefully shouted.
Jarik stood at the back of the line. In about 20 minutes, everyone was out. Jarik rushed down the steps and onto the teleporter...

Whoa! What a rush! Jarik felt dizzy from the effects of the teleporter. He stumbled to Macil who looked proud.
"Good work! The prisoners have been freed, along with some other people that were being held. They have agreed to join us in our efforts. You have done well!" Macil beamed, "Now, go to the barracks and rest! We have a buzy day ahead of us tommorow" Macil ordered Jarik. Jarik nodded and headed to the barracks. The elevator trip was brief and Jarik stepped off it. I earned this. Jarik found his bunk, put away his gear and lied down, thinking to himself until he drifted to sleep...

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pritch said:

Wow. HUGE improvement. That was your most professional story yet..

Really, you think so?
/me struts

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yeah I liked it, the italics for the thoughts were a nice tough. And as for Warden Montag, heh, Monday in German.. teh funney

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