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It's better to get a mention in the Mailbag then not being mentioned at all. Or so the saying goes anyway.

  • John Cartwright sent word that he has updated his site with a beta release of his ZDoom level entitled "Phobos Tech Center". According to him this level is "based on an original layout, but borrows slightlyfrom the classic level design in E1M7, and E1M2". Unfortunately, the site seems down at the moment.
  • Mechasam has finished his Doom2 project called Last Man standing. However, he hasn't actually released it yet... he wants you to beg for it. Yes, really... Point and laugh at him, will you? :) Update: I've been hearing that the WAD is actually uploaded somewhere, but I can't seem to find the link. Silly me.
  • Mentioned due to sheer perseverance: visit the jiveforyou site, where you can find the homepage owner's collection of Doom Legacy WADs.

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