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New DTest

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At the JDoom site you can find a new test version of the client/server executable DTest. Among the improvements are:

  • Memory leak in MD2 loader fixed.
  • Music player pitch bend bugs fixed.
  • Wall orientation affects lighting (it'd now appear that world light comes from the right).
  • -maxzone accepts K and M as postfixes. For instance, "-maxzone 16m" allocates 16 megs, and "-maxzone 9500k" would allocate 9.5 megs for the memory zone.
  • The Enter key is no more hardcoded in JDoom (to view the last HUD message use the console command msgRefresh).
You can find the new DTest mirrored at our source port section.

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Can't think of any other way he'd say he's leaving us (pre-army thing) and then still be working on the code. :)

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Guest Anonymous User

Do you need a 3d accelerator to run JDoom? Does any port use MD2 models with out the need of an accelerator card?

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