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Guest Anonymous User

In reply to Fingers good point regarding the ability to use BOOM stuff. I think that BOOM should be allowed to be used for this project for the extra linedef types and the lack of all the annoying bugs Linguica pointed out about original DOOM2.exe. But I think we shouldn't be able to use all the extra boom stuff like conveyors and deep water and whatever other boom effects there are so we still have to be more creative with the 10 sectors - essentially I'm am tailoring to Fingers' point - a sort of compromise.

-- Hellbent.

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Guest Jamman

This contest is about 10 sectors. As long as the level doesn't go over 10, then it's ok. Who cares if the do use Boom. A level is a Level. Make it the way you want. As long as it has no more that 10 sectors!!

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