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Guest Kinoshkana

Fanatic, isn't it about time you put out another set of MP3s and another CD?

Oh yeah, first post (whoopty-fucking-doo).

And, oh yeah again, hi Katarhyne.

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Guest Fanatic

Yes, I have two CD's ready to go (one ready for over a year now), but probably won't put up all the songs as MP3's like I did for Fragging Fanatical. I'll most likely only do two or three MP3's total (perhaps just snippets of the songs even). A lot of people downloaded my music, but only a handful *bought* it.

I would like to not lose any money on the next CD(s) I release. Cause I almost broke even on this one.

Anyway, as soon as I get some "extra money", I'll get the next one mass produced and ready for sale.

Thanks for asking too. :) Glad someone is anxious about my next release!

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