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  • Oblivion HQ has updated with a help wanted ad for their TC which will be based off of the new Doom game. Quick, go sign up before time runs out!!!
  • Fredrik Johansson sent word that over on his homepage he's put up a link to a new megawad of his entitled "Pain."
  • Win Vanrie's CTRL+A-loving Doom Site has been updated with the news that phouse.wad is now in /newstuff, and talks about the ongoing demo competition as well.

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Guest Skarj

hey everyone, i need to plug a megawad i'm workin on, it's very much worth checking out, it's an ultimate doom wad replacing all 4 episodes. Besides me working on it, there are: Paul Corfiatis, Kristian Aro, and Chris Hansen (webmaster;Doomer's Recess). Go check out what is up on chris's page at the moment, go to http://home13.inet.tele.dk/CNH/
and click on "doom2001-ado" on the left frame. It has like 10-15 pics up and more coming.
Thought this would fit well in Mailbag

I am retarded!

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