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Prince Returns

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No, not the androgynous pop star. Bobby Prince, the man behind the music of Doom and Doom 2, has been tapped to compose the soundtrack to the latest game by Digital Soapbox, according to the Gamers.com report. Seems the mystery game hasn't been officially announced, but it is apparently a story-driven adventure game.

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Guest Ike654

Why can I get past the page on his homepage that has the scrolling text below it? Is there some sort of trick, or is his page not fully up yet?

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Guest Gorc

So, at last, the TRUE master of Doom music returns to the world that made him famous. Not Doom exactly, but adventure games are good.

And if the music is anything like any of the following I will be humming it forever:

Commander Keen 4/5/6
Wolfenstein 3D/Spear of Destiny
Doom/Doom II/Plutonia Experiment
Blake Stone/Planet Strike
Bio Menace
Duke Nukem II
Some of the ROTT music
Some of the Duke 3D music

It is just sort of, you know, catchy. Better than some of the crap some real bands get to the top ten lists with.

and IKE654, what page are you saying about? The only page with scrolling text is the opening page, and its at the top of the screen. And his page has been around for at least a year now. Anyways, I have never had problems with it.

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Agreed, Gorc. Remember Mambo #5? How did that get so popular?

By the way, I think David "Tolwyn" Shaw and Mark Klem are equally talented as Bobby Prince.

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