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New XDoom

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Udo Munk released a new version of the cross-platform Unix source port XDoom, followed by an updated batch of XWadTools. New in this release are full Boom support, partial implementation of MBF's texture-to-SKY code, a new linedef flagbit which blocks line-of-sight for monsters plus, of course, the usual bug fixes. The tools have been updated with bugfixes in Idbsp, Slige, Reject and Wadgc, the wad editor Tkwadcad got also many improvements and supports the latest XDoom features plus the addition of Trigcal, used to calculate linedef numbers for Boom's generalised linedefs. Of course, you can find both XDoom as its tools mirrored at our source port section.

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Guest Mattrim.

Ah, but is this XDoom named Jean-Fran├žois Thibault and so invincible in Deathmatch that he's...plural?! I DON"T THINK SO!!!1=

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