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Gang Dang

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We almost failed to notice this, but the Public Dang has updated with word about a new contest. This one is pretty straight-forward: finish E1M3 on NM in the fastest time possible, in which-ever way you like it. They also note that they do not accept runs on custom levels... you'll have to head over to Opulent's Stampede Doomers Area and submit them there.

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I don't quite have the page ready yet, but it's coming along. Just to re-iterate, I gladly accept any pwad demos for Doom/Doom2 from anyone. Non-dm preferably.
I also would like to thank all the sites that originally posted these demos. esp. Andy Olivera, Yonatan Donner, Team TNT, Jason Henry, Ricrob, Brad Spencer, Ledmeister, Chief, and Martin Friberg.

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