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New PrBoom Version Released

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And know, the ultra quick, I really should be in bed type update. *snip*[quote]PrBoom 2.1.1 is now available at http://prboom.sourceforge.net

Changes from v2.1.0 to v2.1.1

  • config file is now prboom.cfg for the non-GL version, glboom.cfg for the GL version. If you have used PrBoom (or LxDoom) before, rename your old config file (boom.cfg) appropriately
  • fullscreen is now default for new prboom.cfg
  • included sdl_mixer.dll now plays midi-files
  • if waveout is used for sound (Windows NT4) the sound doesn't stutteranymore
  • redid parts of the OpenGL renderer[list]
  • sprites behind translucent walls are rendered correctly
  • translucent walls are rendered correctly
  • support for glBSP nodes
  • compliant to glBSP spec v2
  • use_mipmapping option in boom.cfg
  • the default for zone memory in OpenGL is now 16MB
  • screen melt transition
  • most Boom demos should now work
  • a lot more original Doom demos work
  • keycard switches are shown coloured on the map, like doors
  • improved ENDOOM rendering
  • non-highres rendering functions dropped[/list]</blockquote></font>Now I'm sure one of the guys will get this all mirrored and stuff later. But like I said, BEDTIME!

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    Guest o-tech

    Covaro, that should be "and now", not "and know"... I know your native language better than you do ;-)

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    Yesterday I drove from Maryland to New York and back and then worked, and then watched a movie, and then, at 3am... I updated DW. I was just a lil' tired. 8 hours of driving, 4 hours of work, 4 hours of stuff in NY, 2 hours of movie. You tell me. LOL.

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