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The Asylem of Team Kill has been updated with all sorts of little news tidbits. Version 1.31 of KillEd has been released with the following new stuff:

  • Program no longer automatically rebuilds the nodes in expert mode. This means that you can build an incredibly huge level, and not need to worry about running out of memory when you rebuild them. Then, just use BSP.
  • Added one new Kill-only object to the "things" menu. The "Teleporter Flare" (You'll see in E2M5 shots later this week). Also, because of this new addition to Kill, expect a maintenence release for the Demo of Kill soon. It'll have yet more stuff.

Also, they are still working on adding javascript to the other pages.

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Guest Ike654

Isn't it odd that it seems that I usually only get one comment on my news (other than any from me), and it's about "asylem" opposed to "asylum" like 98% of the time. Strange...

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