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Live DooM.

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Jehovah Gyra, a group you might know from the likes of e1m1.mp3 and e1m8.mp3, is going to have a live show on July the 20th. There's gonna be at least one Doom song played live (an excuse for the singer to rest his vocal cords, heh.) I know it's a very, very, very, very long shot to the point of being just plain stupid to even mention it, but if there is anyone near the West Texas area (Big Spring), in theory you wouldn’t have to pay if you were from the Doom community, and you’d get to see the antics that will probably have the lead singer arrested by the end of the night.

Just a thought. I'm not trying to be commercial or anything.

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Well, I don't live in Texas, but North Carolina. So I couldn't see the show even if I wanted :-(

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